cloud cloth education is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the state of pennsylvania

Build a global network of students empowered by their shared dreams.

In an education environment focused entirely on skills, not purpose, more than 120,000 K-12 students have had the courage to declare and share their dreams and aspirations  powerfully and publically, infusing  hope and motivaton into classrooms everywhere.

Our process works in every conceivable school demographic--urban, suburban, rural, public, charter, parochial, private, impoverished, affluent, middle-class, from Alaska to Florida and from Nepal to Rwanda.

With seed funding for technology, distribution, and staffing, Cloud Cloth Education, is positioned to scale Dreamline, its first product, to a major global movement by 2020.

Through our Dreamline moblie app, now in beta, we are creating a first-ever social media experience for schools, directly connecting students with shared dreams across the globe. Programming will integrate school communities everywhere.. Large-scale public events and install

Contact us to take a leadership role as we turn the tide of education, building the network of dreamers and doers we need for tomorrow.

Jeffrey Harlan, President Cloud Cloth Education